Monday, June 04, 2007

Así empezó Entre Pares en Avellanda

De junio a septiembre estaré trabajando con un grupo de docentes de Avellaneda y Lanús en el Programa Entre Pares capacitando docentes líderes para que transmitan cómo integrar la tecnología al curriculum a otros docentes en sus escuelas. Hasta ahora nos familiarizamos con recursos, creamos páginas webs y portafolios electrónicos.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Teaching "Peer Coaching"

From September to November I had the pleasure to teach a course called "Peer Coaching". It was a course organized by Microsoft and Fundación Evolución. The aim of this course was to prepare leader teachers to expand the use of technology in their schools. The course was both about technology and communication abilities so that these teachers would be able to transmit the knowledge they had acquired to their peers. Some of the topics coaches-to- be learned were how to create an online portafolio, how to create a weblesson, how to create a website using a freehost andsome communication protocols such as one called chalk-talk in which groupmembers are not allowed to speak but only to communicate their ideas through writing.