Monday, November 01, 2010


After having stopped writing in this blog for some time, I felt the need of doing so again when I started taking part in Webinar 2010, an online seminar devoted to giving some insights on the 1 to 1 model in which each student has his own netowrk.

Experts have shared their knowledge and beliefs about this project that is starting in our country.

I want to share with readers one of the videos presented by an expert in the field María Teresa Lugo. She was my teacher at university and virtuality has shown me that technology helps people get together instead of isolating people as it is sometimes believed.

Hope you enjoy this presentation and feel free to share experiences with this model in the comments.

Experiences in Spanish or English are welcome!!!

Webinar 2010. Conferencia María Teresa Lugo from webinar2010 on Vimeo.