Sunday, July 16, 2006

Integrating Content, Technology and Language Learning

This presentation intended to show the benefits of integrating technology and language learning to have access to authentic content using material from direct sources as a way to increase students' motivation.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another f2f meeting:
Argentine and Brazilian teleworkers at ABS congress

In the photo above, Gladys Baya,Susana Canelo and Claudia Bellusci, all members of Becoming a Webhead 2006 from Argentina met in February in ABS International Congress for EFL techers.
There, I also met some Brazilian teleworkers (bottom photo)who had taken part in My School, Your School project the previous year.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A new project has just started: AIDS and HIV beyond your own backyard

I am happy to share with you the beginning of this collaborative project I will be taking part with my students. The project is facilitated by Bob Hofman from Netherlands and it is one more of the possibilities of collaborative work given by IEARN (International and Educational Resource Network)
This project aims at making teenage students aware of the risk that this disease represents for them as well as for their partners in the world. It also aims at showing students how different cultures live this problem. I have already participated in this project twice and my students learnt a lot from it. To visit the project website, you can go to www. There, you will find a school from Avellaneda, Argentina in the different sessions of the project (that is 2002-2003-2004).

I would also like to share with you some photos from previous participations when my students were preparing the results of it.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Meeting teleworkers f2f

During the last months I have been able to meet different people whose names used to be familiar to me but whose faces were still unknown. Last September I had the possibility of meeting some teleworkers in Mendoza in a meeting known as EDUCATEC where teleworkers from different parts of my country meet to share their experiences .

Monday, February 06, 2006

Then, they compiled all the information collected in a factfile whose layout we had created together in class and finally, they let their minds fly into the world of creativity at the moment of designing their Power Point slides.
The objective of this project was to organize different campaigns to protect the world environment but starting from home or from school. Countries from all the world are taking part in it. As part of the activities, my students had to design posters with slogans connected with the protection of the environment and we also had to plant a tree
Teleworking Together
What's in a name? Just an anecdote

Since we are in a community of webheads, I would like to tell you why I chose this name for my blog. It happened once that I had just started to give a talk in a f2f conference for EFL teachers when I was highly disappointed but surprised at the same time.
My talk was called "Beyond the Classroom with Telecollaborative Projects". I started my talk defining project work and then I passed on to define the problematic word : telecollaborative. Once I finished with this explanation, it was clear what my talk was going to be about. I was planning to introduce EFL teachers to the use of online project work

At that moment, a teacher at the back stood up to tell me that she was going to leave because she had come to my talk thinking that my talk was going to be on the use of Television.

It was at that time when I realized how many teachers are still unaware of all the benefits that technology can bring to their EFL classrooms and worst of all, how frightening technology can be for them to the extent that they prefer leaving to learning about it.